Who Is Better Qualified To Care For Your Feet Than a Trained Foot Care Specialist?

Fit feet are important for seniors - not only improving your mobility and decreasing your fall risk, but also increasing your comfort and overall health. We are pleased to provide foot care services to seniors to help them maintain an active, independent lifestyle with less stress and more comfort.

Our understanding of infection control combined with our healthcare experience make foot care specialists the obvious choice for delivering safe, effective, comfortable foot care services.

Our trained Footcare Specialists can deliver on site Medical Grade services to local Senior Centers.

Who Can Benefit:

Patients who are unable to reach or care for their feet

Patients with poor circulation or vision

Diabetic or arthritic patients

Patients with hard to cut nails

Services Provided:

Assessment of feet and skin

Trimming, filing and thinning of nails

Corn and callous reduction

Education, recommendations and referrals provided

Access to safe, routine foot care shouldn't be a challenge. We are here to provide your foot care needs when you or your loved one are no longer able to.